Emergency Communications
EVAX Systems
fire, security threats, hazmat, weather emergency, public address

Ten years ago we announced a Strategic Alliance with Harrington Signal. Today we enter a new era, as Harrington and Evax have now been acquired by Potter Electric Signal Company. We at Evax see this as a great opportunity to expand on our new product development. Because Potter is not a division of a "corporate giant," they are allowing Evax Systems to continue as an operational unit and conduct business as usual. Potter has been a trusted name in fire protection for over 115 years, garnering a great reputation by employing quality personnel and honest business practices.

Evax Systems will continue working to deliver cutting edge audio for a wide array of applications. Focus on the advancement of technology will remain in the forefront, as we plan on some great developments coming the first quarter of 2016.

We look forward to working with the team at Potter and bringing an even higher level of audio excellence to the Fire and Life Safety market.

Peter Binkley
Evax Systems, Inc