EVAX Systems
Title: Fire Systems - Fire 1

Evax FIRE 1 Series EF1 (Obsolete)

Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP)

The EF1 is a completely modular design that can be addressable and/or conventional. The basic FACP comes with 2 addressable Signaling Line Circuits (SLC) and can be expanded to 4 addressable loops in the same cabinet. Two (2) additional SLC loop cards can be remotely added to the system, bringing the total number 8. These remote SLC loop cards can be mounted up to 6,000 feet from the main FACP.

Each SLC loop can handle addressable input/output device monitoring and/or EVAX protocol 254 devices per loop for a total of 2032, Apollo protocol 126 devices per loop for a total of 1008 Devices, System Sensor Protocol 198 devices per loop for a total of 1584 Devices. The SLC protocol is field selectable. The EF1 is also capable of controlling conventional fire zones in increments of 10 per input card (maximum of 60 conventional zones).

The EF1 FACP has the ability of remotely troubleshooting and/or programming the panel through the use of an optional modem installed at the FACP (you must follow NFPA guidelines for testing when this option is used).

The EF1 can auto program devices on an addressable loop or program conventional zones on your system. Additionally, the EF1 provides automatic drift compensation and is easily programmed from either the panel keypad or through the user–friendly Evax Systems program software.

EF1 Features:

  • Digital Addressable
  • Addressable & Conventional inputs
  • Network capable
  • Up to 8 Addressable Loops per panel
  • 2032 Addressable Device capacity
  • 15 remote LCD Annunciators
  • 6,000 ft extended addressable loop option
  • Day / Night sensitivity settings
  • Alarm Verification/Drift Compensation
  • Remote programming option
  • 4 NAC 4 Option Power circuits
  • 8 Amp Power Supply

Additionally, our Voice Evacuation systems fully integrate with our entire Fire line.