EVAX Systems
Title: Fire Systems - Fire 3

Evax FIRE 3 Series EF3 (Obsolete)

Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP)

The Evax FIRE 3 Series EF3 Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP) is a single board design that has an addressable loop that is fully enabled. The basic FACP comes with 1 addressable Signaling Line Circuit (SLC), 3 Notification Appliance Circuits (NAC), and an on board integral UDACT.

Additionally the EF3 can be configured with Conventional Initiating Device Circuits (IDCís). The EF3 can be configured with up to 6 EF1-CM Conventional Zone cards (mounted externally) providing a total of 30 Class A or 60 Class B IDCís. Each EF3 provides 1 SLC and the loop can be field configured for Evax, Apollo, and System Sensor protocols simultaneously.

The SLC may also be configured for any combination of these protocols simultaneously allowing up to 254 total device count on the loop. The SLC can be field wired for Class B (Style 4) or Class A (Style 6 or 7). The EF3 provides 250 user programmable software groups which can be associated with multiple input and output devices/circuits.

Fire 1 Series EF3 Features:

  • Single Board Design
  • 1 Addressable Loop
  • Multiple Protocols simultaneously on the same loop
  • Field Selectable Loop Protocol settings
  • Up to 254 Devices
  • On board integral UDACT
  • Day / Night sensitivity settings
  • Alarm Verification/Drift Compensation
  • Remote programming option
  • 3 Notification Appliance Circuits
  • Notification Device Synchronization
  • 4 Amp Power Supply
  • Panel to Panel Networking
  • Peer to Peer Communication
  • Up to 254 Nodes
  • Optional Conventional Zone Cards up to 60 inputs
  • Up to 7 Remote LCD Annunciators

Additionally, our Voice Evacuation systems fully integrate with our entire Fire line.