EVAX Systems
Life Safety - High Rise Applications Networked Audio
Evax HMX is a networked emergency relocation and paging system, with integrated 2-way fireman's telephone system.


  • Multiple Master Panels
  • Up to 1,000 messages on board
  • Up to 250 networked amplifier panels
  • Digitized live voice and prerecorded messages
  • deliver clean instantaneous audio simultaneously throughout the largest of systems
  • Network transmission over copper pair, or fiber optics
  • High-speed network activates 1,000 zones in 1/4 of asecond - fastest system response in fire
  • Factory tested and programmed to customer configuration
  • From a single story to a thousand, no practical limit

Networked Audio Products:

  • HMX-MP Master Panel
  • HMX-DP Distributed Panel
  • Fire Phone Station
  • Fire Phone Jack
  • Speakers

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Master Panel

Fire Phone Station

Fire Phone Jack

Distributed Panel

Speaker Strobe