EVAX Systems
Mass Notification Systems - Military Emergency Voice Alert Systems
To reduce casualties from terrorist attack and other emergencies, the U.S. Department of Defense is requiring mass notification systems in inhabited buildings. The ability to quickly broadcast pre-recorded and live warnings to all personnel is considered essential in reducing casualties in the event of attack on DOD facilities.

The Evax HMX supervised emergency voice alert system meets or exceeds DOD Minimum Anti-terrorism Standards for Buildings, UFC 4-010-01. It is also compliant with UFC 4-021-01, Design and O & M Mass Notification Systems

System Capabilities:
  • Fully supervised
  • Battery back up
  • Independent of fire alarm system
  • Supervised fire alarm horn silence
  • Autonomous control units in individual buildings
  • Each system logs up to 1500 events and faults with real time stamp
  • Network communication for audio and system control from multiple locations throughout complex
Individual building systems are easily configured, and provide full supervision of wiring conductors and operational integrity. Secure fiber-optic networking is available for multi-building systems. Interfaces are available for connection to base-wide radio and "giant-voice" systems.

Voice Alert System Products:
  • HMX-MP Master Panel
  • HMX-DP Distributed Panel
  • Cluster Speakers
  • Speakers
  • EVX-RM8
  • EVX-RM16
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Master Panel

Distributed Panel

Speaker Strobe

Cluster Speaker