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EVAX 400
400 Watt Voice Evac Panel

The Evax 400 represents the next generation in life safety and emergency communications systems. 400 watts of multi-processor controlled supervised amplifier power are contained in a compact monolithic package. Digitally recorded voice messages are crystal-clear, recorded at twice the conventional sampling rate onto non-volatile flash memory, in standard MP3 format.

Complex yet simple, the Evax 400 requires no programming. Connecting power, batteries, and speakers provides live voice, alarm signals, and pre-recorded messages over hundreds of speakers. On-board USB, TOSLINK, Ethernet 10/100, and HMX network and programming capabilities create a powerful platform for solutions to the most demanding system requirements.

  • Networked industrial audio systems. Twisted pair or fiber-optic.
  • Minimize expensive wiring installation.
  • Works out-of-the-box, no assembly or programming required.
  • Modern monolithic design eliminates sloppy wiring harnesses.
  • 10 independently-activated messages built-in. Evacuation, tornado warning, chemical spill, bomb warning, many others.
  • Simple interface for mobile radio and industrial automation systems.
  • Digital audio signals eliminate hum and noise.
  • Ethernet and Internet voice gateways available. Live-voice public-address plant-wide, campus-wide, or world-wide.
  • Ideal for fully-supervised OSHA compliant employee alarm systems.

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